It is sometimes necessary to perform standardized testing that provides scores which can be used to obtain the most appropriate developmental and educational services. Dr. Rosenblatt has affiliated licensed psychologists who have a wealth of experience in the testing of toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children. Our top quality assessments help us to formulate the most appropriate developmental and educational recommendations for your child. The psychologists have also been valuable to parents by advocating for these services through the child's school district.


Parents are often looking for guidance managing the unique challenges of their child's special needs while trying to balance all other aspects of life: family, marriage, career, siblings of the child with special needs as well as other responsibilities. The child with neurodevelopmental vulnerabilities often has issues affecting behavior and social interactions which are frequently responsive to behavioral guidance from a trained professional. Our social workers have well established records of success helping families of children with disabilities. They work with you and your child to implement an effective strategy tailored to decrease stress and improve competence in meeting the demands of your daily lives.


This is a service provided by a lawyer who will help parents navigate the road from diagnosis to implementation of appropriate treatment. Our lawyers will assist in the acquisition of the most appropriate services and therapies through government programs and in the private sector. You will have the necessary support to make sure your child's special education, disability and insurance rights are met.
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